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Euskadi+innova 2010-02-26

“Nuestro valor diferencial es el servicio integral en el ámbito de la comunicación”
Alfredo Beaumont, Partner and Project Manager at Toolkom read more


Various sector books have published our works:

Basic logos coming soon

Published projects: vazquez, nahike and loftcreation logos
Topic: logos
Publishing: index book; year: 2010

Growing graphics - design for kids

Published project: nahike's corporate identity
Topic: graphic design
Publishing: index book; year: 2009 read more buy

The big book of brochures

Published project: tatec catalog
Topic: publishing design
Publishing: index book; year: 2008 read more buy

Symbols, pictograms & silhouettes

Published project: application icons for esle.
Topic: signs and signage
Publishing: index book; year: 2008 read more buy

Identity made in spain 06

Published project: toolkom's corporate identity
Topic: corporate identity
Publishing: index book; year: 2006 read more buy